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My True Story

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It was sunny afternoon, no cloud in the sky. My job was done, I have a 3 hours to kill before my wife comes home and takes away all my privacy by just entering the room and opening her mouth. She is a treasure, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t get the feedback sometimes I need. Fantasies I keep for myself and it seems my wife did the same.

We are married for 12 years, and yes we still sex, but it becomes more a ritual I have to succeed every time. It has no spirit anymore, and I am smart enough to never blame my wife for this. She is hot on me, and for her I am the only guy she ever wants or had sex with.

My PC was glowing the dark, and I visited the o so amazing Google machine and let me fantasy drift away. The results Google can come up with, it is insane. After a few moments I knew how Google was thinking, simple, you enter the keyword of your desire, and a new world opens.

For fun I tried Adult Network and landed on a site called On the first look it seemed like a simple sex site, sober in design, offers a live cam feed that is serious live and fucking hot! and the site is clean in some sort of way. Colors appealed to me right away. The site described that people like you and me can make their own porno site, and fill it with porn they like. Sounded a little complicated to me, but the logica behind it is pretty smart. If you like certain porn, why not make your own porn site and be your own best client. And best thing ever, if you ever spend on your OWN site you get commissions back in the form of Revenues. Even better, when your friends spend on your website, you get commissions to. The site told me I could sell whatever I want, as long it was adult related.

This sounded like something I could understand. I created a free account on SexxxSpace and got a email that confirmed my sign up, with a username and password. Within a minute I was logged in to my own administration, and it showed in a simple way how to do your first steps. Then it asked me what program I wished to sponsor. They offered me a huge selection, but there is only one company that leads the market, this is AdultFriendFinder, also owner of and

I decided to test the webcams was offering, cause live cams appealed to me right away. I have a penthouse subscription, why take one online? Don’t get me wrong, it is a great magazine, I have it for 10 years now. But Live Cam Sex, and the Interactivity you can experience with a naked live cam model is just insane great. Then I out that now also offers live cam. So I am serious thinking to get an extra access there als and chat with real penthouse photo models.

People, the months that followed are months of learning and learning. I was totally captured by all the live cam feeds on and I spend hundreds of dollars on the best live cam shows. I am also a serious fan club user, they give you huge discounts with the models, up to 50% and why not take a little advantage of this? The model likes it to know people are thinking about her, and are ready to go private as soon she is online.

I started my own Cam Site on SexxxSpace and support models I am going private with, it is called Streamray.Sexxxspace, give it a try, many said they like the site, I want to make sure models keep making money and are there when I enter the free chat and see how nice and sexy they are, and how they tease me with hot naughty lines, and making me feel special. My wife started to find out about my website. She was a little surprised and asked me WHY I did this? I explained her that I make around 400$ a month just showing my website to my horny friends who are in the same situation like I am… She had to laugh a little and told me she was happy I found something that made me happy, and she gave me a kiss on my cheek and told me she was going to the bedroom, and wanted to show me some new tricks.
“ Perhaps I can do an audition and become a webcam girl ?? “ … The idea my wife just planted in my head made me smile and turn on my chair, look her right in the eyes, unzipped my pants and gave her my bone. “ Go on your knees baby, and lick my penis “ while she opened her mouth and slowly entered my penis in her mouth, I was picturing a cam on the side, and hundreds of people watching us…

I filled her mouth with cum, and while still coming I made sure my dick staid in her mouth. She loved to gag on my sperm, and she learned in those years a lot of tricks. Gagging without a sound is one of those. She is still in a great shape. 32 years now, we married young and decided to not make any troubles in marriage and also married in the church. She has a great faith in the Lord she always says, and it is one of his wishes that wives pleasure their husbands, and she takes her roll serious. Her tight body and great looking tits are a pleasure for any man’s eye.

While she was eating away my cum she stood up and toke her panties down and started to lap dance on my dick. Her ass was touching my dick and rubbing it with her little anus hole. Slowly she put my dick in her ass and went down on me hard, all the fluids still made it easy for me to enter in her tight little asshole.
“ Wish you had this on cam did you not ? “ yes I did and it was time to go serious with this, but first I have to fuck my needy little wife that turns herself into a lusty women in front of my eyes. Oohhh yeah go deeper baby.. let me feel how deep your dick can be inside of me… and her hands leaned on knees to make sure we could be in this position until I cum again, this time in her ass….. internal ejaculation on her finest. Mouth and ass ejaculations is something I grave for 10 times a week. I need the internal relationship with my partner, I posses her like a wolf and make she stays obedient to me and my sexual needs. I want to feel her tong again stroking my dick….

The following day I decided to set up my cam equipment and make sure I had at least 4 corners covered. A few times up and down to the shop, and 600 dollar lesser, I was able to stream in high quality. My wife made sure her lingerie was all ready and came with the idea to call one of her girlfriends who was just out of a sloppy relationship and pretty stressed for the moment. I saw no objection to this idea and let my wife know I was cool with that. Feeling the upcoming boner in my pants, plus the crazy idea of having sex with another women made me insane and for a while I was thinking did something special to my other sex life. Amazing how Live Sex Entertainment can awaken a new lust inside of you and your partner. It takes away taboos and nothing is what it looked like before anymore.

The doorbell ringed and we both ran up to the door, looking embarrassing shy to each other, yet both with a twinkle in our eye. We where about to experience something we both love the most. Sex in full freedom. Her name was Susie, and she was 27 years. Her brown hairs and eyes and lips where perfect. She was just as shy as us. A few drinks later this was not a problem anymore, we started in the kitchen and while my wife toke a bottle of wine Susie started kissing me. I was overwhelmed with passion and fear. I had no idea how my wife would react, but I decided to put my hand on her back and slowly let it go down to her ass and hold it firm while my lips where exploring her tong and from there to her neck. My wife was remarking how fast we started and started to undress her self. Her sexy naked body with her beautiful tits stood behind me, and while she slowly touched my ass with her soft hands and started to massage them, she went down on her knees and started to kiss me all over my go, going down to my ass. She made sure I was spreading my legs and while Susie supported me in the front I could lean forwards so my wife would be able to lick my asshole and tickle my anus with her wet tong. She made one of her fingers wet, and slowly entered it into my anus. “ Go suck his dick now sweetie “ and Susie started to go down on her knees and toke my dick in her mouth and started licking it and making it wet with her fluids.
“ Oohh yeahh.. I feel my dick is going to explode any moment now “ … My wife stood up, and went into position behind Susie and put her hands on Susie her hairs and head. She has to swallow it all, this is the deal… And while Susie started to masturbate herself while gagging on my dick, I knew I was fulfilling a fantasy of 27 year young slut in build up.

Lets go to the bedroom and go online…..

Both ladies started to go hot for each other, and my wife was laying on her back while Susie was licking her vagina. She must have tasted my sperm, cause she demanded me to put my dick on my wife her vagina so she could lick both of them. She made me cum a second time, this time straight in Susie her face. My wife started to kiss Susie and licked her mouth clean and while she did this, she pulled my ass close to her and started finger fucking me in my anus while she was cum swapping with Susie.

That night we got many requests on from our visitors. One was a triangle threesome position when I was laying down on my back, and Susie was taking place on my face. She spread her legs and made sure her vagina landed above my mouth, so I could spread her lips and lick her inside her vagina. She loved the touch of a warm tong filled with lust. And I loved the taste of her juices flooding out of her pussy. It tasted like honey, the smell was sweet and drove me mad. My wife toke place on my dick and started slowly penetrating herself with my penis. I was hard, very hard. There was no stopping tonight. While Susie started to face dance on my mouth, my wife was riding herself from climax to climax. She then toke my dick again in her mouth and started to lick me with the top of the tong, and teasing me slowly. While Susie was fingering my wife in her pussy, my wife was licking and sucking my dick. She always swallows every drip, even before the ejaculation. My wife is always filled with LUST when she taste my cum and starts drinking from it like a ice cream that slowly melts in her mouth and she does not want to miss a drop of it.

After this night we decided to build up a small network of bisexual webcam girls we could invite from time to time to fuck them on camera and let them eat my cum on cam. My wife shares my passion and also developed a taste for the juices of fresh women. We also called a few times a prostitute, and totally fuck her brains out for 2-3 hours. There is always cum eating and swapping involved, and every women who was in our house loved it till so far. My dick is very large and big, and before I ejaculate, I make sure the women are totally exhausted and satisfied.

I advice you after you have read my story to explore for yourself.

Best Greetings, Mister X © Tjeezers 2003-2010